How to Care for Your Designer Clothing: 15 Tips for Keeping Your Expensive Garments Looking Great

For most delicate and designer garments, the label usually indicates whether they should only be dry cleaned, washed by hand, or machine washed. It's important to treat stains as soon as possible to prevent them from settling into the fabric. Pay close attention to the inside of the collars, as this is where skin product stains such as lotions or makeup can appear. Most garments are machine washable, except for woolen, cashmere and delicate garments.

Be sure to read the care labels to know how to wash delicate garments and reduce the chances of shrinkage or discoloration by washing them below the maximum temperature. In addition to buying these pieces with an elegant sound, you'll want to find ways to take good care of these new and existing items that you keep in your closet, especially the tight, designer pieces. Not only are they very expensive, but they require more maintenance and care than the usual clothes bought in the store. Investing in a professional steam cleaner is the best way to remove wrinkles from designer clothing.

According to Daniel Corrigan, half of the designer duo behind Simon Miller, “constantly wearing raw jeans and not washing them will give you a more interesting pair of jeans in the future. When investing a good amount of money in selecting a designer wardrobe, you should make sure that you take the right steps to make it look good. You can follow the tips mentioned above to properly wash your delicate designer clothes, but if you have doubts, there's nothing wrong with seeking the help of expert dry cleaners to do the work for you.

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