Identifying Genuine Pieces of Vintage or Antique Designer Clothing

Are you looking for ways to identify genuine pieces of vintage or antique designer clothing? If so, you're in luck! There are a variety of free resources, both online and offline, that can be used to help you identify these items. For example, you can use Google's reverse image search to upload a photo and search the Internet for items that look like yours. Additionally, I have a private Facebook group called Your Vintage Headquarters that brings together more than 5000 lovers of vintage and antiques. We help each other with identification, pricing and business advice.

I also have a lot of unique and useful resources on my website. The Savvy Antique Seller Price Guide is a unique guide that I prepared that contains three years of actual sales. It covers more than 35 categories of antiques and contains full-color photographs, retail prices, brands and more. When it comes to finding new treasures, it's important to keep an up-to-date inventory and select what's unique and exciting.

With vintage garments, there are decades of items to choose from. To know if a piece was made by a designer or not, check if it is marked with a logo or a designer's signature. You can also research the different trends, styles and designs over a given period of time to determine when an antique or vintage piece was manufactured and what its value might be. Facebook Marketplace and Poshmark are great places to buy vintage clothing.

An 80s t-shirt could have been very tacky at the time, but now the design looks charming and almost fashionable without that being the intention. As new designers and new collections emerge, the influence of these old collections is becoming increasingly evident. Finally, there is a way to capture, bring to light and sell a particular garment that can only be seen in dark, low-resolution images on Pinterest or in expensive books. The beauty of these garments is that there are so many designers who have such deep catalogs that you can constantly find and learn about new pieces and collections.

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