How to Spot Authentic Designer Clothing

When it comes to designer clothing, it's important to be able to tell the difference between authentic and counterfeit items. Knowing how to spot the difference between the two can save you a lot of money and hassle. Here are some tips from an expert on how to tell if a piece of designer clothing is authentic or not. The fabric on authentic items should feel heavy and of better quality. The fabric should not have pulls or tears, nor should the color fade or fade.

Designer brands often include their logo design on the inner fabric, so be sure to check this small detail. The construction of the article takes into account details such as seams, matching date and style codes, and fonts. Symmetry is often the easiest way to distinguish a falsely designed item, especially uneven seams, according to the expert. Different bags have different codes, depending on the expert. For example, Chanel and Louis Vuitton have date codes, while Gucci, Balenciaga and other bags have style codes.

These codes are attached to a leather tag or hidden in a pocket or next to a seam. You have to look for them, Watkins says. Unlike synthetic leather, genuine leather will have a slightly rougher and less uniform texture. Some artificial leathers also have a slightly elastic quality that doesn't match the harder consistency of genuine leather. You can determine if a leather item is authentic by smelling the product and feeling the feel of the leather. For those unfamiliar with designer items, such as the expert buyers of Mine & Yours, Watkins says that the best way to find out if an item is fake is to ask where the seller got it from and ask for a receipt.

Look for the designers' logos on the lining and look at the information on the inner label to see if there is any information that doesn't seem genuine. Despite the numerous designer fakes scattered around the city, the chances of finding an authentic designer item in a second-hand store are not slim. The logos on authentic designer items are usually made of quality materials, such as leather or a more expensive metal, something that is not something that would work with a cheap fake. Before you purchase your authentic designer items, make sure that the zippers close securely, that the closures are sturdy and that the buttons are secure. OnQue is a luxury goods consignment site where you can exchange your designer items for cash or buy authentic designer items from others at discounted prices.

Watkins adds that when you do a quick Google search for the code, that exact item will appear and, if it doesn't, it's most likely not a real design item. The resale store subjects each designer item they purchase to an internal authentication process, which includes third-party authentication technology to determine if the item is authentic. Counterfeit bags or garments with fabric lining are usually made of a cheap and easily available material, such as nylon, which may lack the softness and aesthetics of real lining. A high-end designer item will have flawless, minimally visible seams that appear as straight as possible. Anyone can access the Internet and categorize counterfeit designer products as authentic, often without differentiating between the two.

Many copies of designer items will use cheaper, lighter metals or metallic-colored plastics instead. If you come across a potential design treasure during your casual second-hand shopping trip, it might be worth taking a closer look. Other commonly counterfeit items include shoes and clothing with logos and fashion items from the current or previous season.

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