How Often Do Fashion Brands Release Collections?

Fashion collections are typically delivered to retailers in a series of “drops”. Traditional and large fashion brands usually release one or two collections per month, while some brands may publish designs more frequently, such as monthly, every two months, or every three months. It is important to consider the type of business model you want to create when deciding how often to release collections. Do you want to focus on slow and sustainable fashion with one collection a year, or do you want to deliver new designs every three months? Once you have decided on a model, it is important to stick with it.

When planning for the next season, it is important to consider the forecast of vacation and seasonal events that may influence shoppers' clothing purchases. Fashion designers must plan for each new season at least a year in advance. To learn more about how to plan for the next season, check out 9 Steps to Planning Your Next Fashion Design Sales Season. If you have the budget for a design but want to expand your publication, consider using multiple color combinations for the design. Fast-fashion brands can reduce their design costs by showing collections in advance and copying the collections of luxury brands.

Some brands, such as Gucci or Burberry, combine women's and men's clothing into one collection. Fashion shows are also a great way for creative directors to express themselves through clothing, installations, and guests. Bigger brands like LRG Clothing have larger budgets that allow them to create multiple designs. However, no matter what size your budget is, it is important to stick with the model you have chosen and create what inspires you.

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