The Most Popular Designer Clothing Brands

Stella McCartney, Fendi, Comme Des Garçons and Ermenegildo Zegna are some of the most renowned designer clothing brands in the world. Thomas Burberry founded this legendary luxury fashion house in London in 1856. Cristóbal Balenciaga established his Spanish luxury fashion house in San Sebastian in 1917. His uncompromising standards as a couturier earned him the title of “master of us all” from Christian Dior. Today, the creative director of Balenciaga is the Georgian designer Demna Gvasalia. Gabrielle Coco Chanel founded the most popular luxury fashion house in Paris in 1910. Chanel is renowned for its classic minimalist designs that exude elegance and class.

In 2001, Thom Browne noticed that people had become too casual when it came to dressing, so he decided to fill this gap in the formal clothing market. The world's most famous celebrities wear designer brands such as Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Emma Stone, Julia Roberts, Rooney Mara and Meghan Markle. Alexander McQueen is a British haute couture brand that is best known for Kate Middleton's wedding dress. Karl Lagerfeld is the creative director of Chanel and he has used integral elements of the brand's lexicon to give it a modern and unique touch.

By revenue, Chanel is one of the most important designer brands in the world with its basic, elegant and casual designs. Each design has one of its characteristic ornaments, including its gold medallions, logo, newly redesigned buttons and symbols, coat of arms of the coat of arms, gold ornaments or tassels. Michael Kors is an American designer brand that was established in 1981 and is known for its luxury RTWs, shoes, bags and accessories. Valentino Garavani created his eponymous brand in 1960 after working as a designer apprentice in Paris.

High-end designer brands create unique or limited-edition pieces that are often bought as investments. Erdem is best known for its botanical prints and its designs are made to last with high quality materials. Most of their designs are inspired by the vitality and warmth of Sicily which often translates into sensual, fun and elegant dresses and bags for women. René Lacoste founded his eponymous brand in 1981 to improve sportswear which was largely woven at the time.

Saint Laurent emphasizes gender fluidity through its gender-neutral clothing and its simple but classic style that is explosively cool, combining rebellious punk with luxury. Louis Vuitton's classic pieces such as the Keepall Bandoulière 55 Monogram Canvas represent the brand's impeccable craftsmanship and innovative designs over the years. Derek Rose challenges other designer brands with his high-end pajamas and loungewear.

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